Hepatitis: Types, symptoms and Treatment


It is a septicity (inflammation) of the liver. It is typically brought about by a viral infection, toxic agents or drugs.


Following are symptoms of hepatitis:

  • Jaundice

  • Abdominal pain

  • Liver enlargement

  • Fatigue

  • Sometimes fever

    It may be mellow or can be sharp and can lead to liver cancer.

    Types of Hepatitis

    There are various sorts of hepatitis are given next: 

    Hepatitis – A (Infectious Hepatitis)

    ➥ Hepatitis – B (Serum Hepatitis)

    ➥Hepatitis – C (Infusion)

    ➥Hepatitis – D (Delta Hepatitis)

    ➥Hepatitis – E

    ➥Hepatitis – F & G

    Hepatitis – A (Infectious hepatitis)

    • It was formerly known as infectious hepatitis.

    • Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is an RNA virus (non enveloped).

    • The disease is mild, short term and less virulent.

    • It is transmitted by contact with faeces from affected peoples.

    • The vaccine is gettable for HAV.

      Hepatitis – B (Serum Hepatitis)

      It is also known as serum hepatitis. Hepatitis B (HBV) is the second vital sort of hepatitis.

      Virus: Hepatitis B infection/virus (HBV) is a DNA infection/virus.

      Occurrence: It is very regular in Asia, China, the Philippines, Africa and the Middle East (Saudia Arabia).


      • It is transmitted by the trading of body fluids, for example, blood serum, breast milk, and saliva.

      • It is transmitted from mother to child amid birth or afterwards.

      • It is in addition transmitted by sexual contact.


        • During acute attacks of Hepatitis B, various symptoms appear like fatigue, loss of appetite and jaundice.

        • Infected persons can recover totally and become immune to the virus.

        • People with chronic hepatitis infection are at the risk of liver harm.

          Prevention: Hepatitis can be controlled by:

          • Taking hygienic measures.

          • Vaccination (genetically engineered vaccine is accessible for HBV).

          • Screening of blood/organ/tissue of the donor.

            Hepatitis – C (Infusion)

            It was in the past called non-A, non-B hepatitis.

            Virus: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is likewise an RNA virus (enveloped).

            Symptoms / Effects: It causes infusion hepatitis, which is less severe than hepatitis A or hepatitis B. Anyway hepatitis C frequently leads to chronic liver disease.


            • With the aid of (through) the blood.

            • From mother to child during pregnancy and afterwards.

            • By sexual contact.

              The vaccine is not available for HCV.

              Hepatitis – D

               It is additionally known as delta hepatitis.

              Hepatitis – E

              • HEV is transmitted through the faeces of an infected person.

              • Halbur and coworker (2001) said that hepatitis E could be transmitted through a pig.

                Hepatitis           Virus                                   Common name                    Source of transmission

                A                    HAV (RNA non enveloped)        Infectious hepatitis                     Faeces

                B                    DNA virus                                  Surum hepatitis                          Serum

                                   RNA enveloped                         Infusion Hepatitis                       Blood

                                   Delta virus                                 Delta Hepatitis

                E                    RNA non-enveloped                                                                    Faeces

                F & G                                                               Unidentified

                Hepatitis – F &G

                Hepatitis F & G are caused by an unidentified virus.

                General control of Hepatitis

                Following steps should be picked to control hepatitis.

                • By adopting Hygienic measures.

                • Routine vaccination.

                  Hepatitis B

                  • It is likewise known as serum hepatitis.

                  • It is caused by the virus. 

                  • HBV virus is DNA enveloped.

                  • It can transmit through blood transfusion or from mother to child through milk, body fluids.

                  • The vaccine is useable for it.

                        Hepatitis C

                      • It is is also known as infusion hepatitis.

                      • It is caused by the virus.

                      • HCV virus is RNA envelope.

                      • It can be transferred by through blood, from mother to child amid pregnancy and afterwards and by sexual contact.

                      • The vaccine is not available.

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