How To Conquer Negativity When You Meditate?

The real advantage of meditation shines through when one is trying to overcome negative emotions. Thoughts have the power to overwhelm us, particularly when they turn into a Ping-Pong circuit, and put us in turmoil. According to the University of Southern California’s Laboratory of Neuro-imaging, we undergo up to 70,000 thoughts of all kinds every day.

These thoughts have a consequence on the intact body because, in response to these thoughts, hormones are secreted in the body that impacts the entire nervous system. For example, in stressful thoughts, fight or flight hormone cortisol is secreted in the body that impacts every organ. On the other hand, in relaxed situations, the body generates oxytocin and serotonin which put the body in ease and tranquillity.
Powered by this knowledge, we can safely conclude that if we control our thoughts, and channel them into more positive thinking, we can improve our body’s position and make ourselves more connected to the world around. Even though it sounds easier to say, in reality, permitting the mind is the real challenge.
Yoga and meditation can assist train us in dealing with our thoughts and channelling them into more positive outcomes. In states when the thoughts are deeply negative, meditation can help us deal with them, and eventually turn them into more positive reactions. Read on to find how you can utilise meditation to overcome negative thoughts:

How to Meditate?

1. Every thought proffers rise to physical sensation; this means that when you have negative thoughts, your body undergoes it somewhere or the other. The practice of embracing opposite thoughts, allows you to tune into sensations associated with each thought, and then turning them around.
2. Sit comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere, with eyes open or closed. Harmonize yourself into your surroundings: feel the air on your skin, bring your thoughts to the present, and improve your breathing. Find a stressful thought like ‘I should have done differently’ or ‘I am broke’, and feel the impact of this thought on your body.

3. Do you feel it inside your gut, or your throat tightens, or you feel tense? Now follow this stressful thought with a definite one; modify or change the concepts (thoughts) into something like ‘I am doing what I know best’ and ‘I am capable’. Echo (Repeat) the ideas in your mind, and reaffirm your soul.

4. Whenever you feel yourself flowing, turn back and look at your mind. Without judging yourself, check where your mind is running off to. It might be that you are abstaining the critique of your opinions, or that you do not even want to acknowledge what is giving you stress.

5. In such a scenario, disassociate yourself from the thought and just see the influence this thought has on your physical self. When you discover the site where it causes you discomfort, gently place a hand on it, and turn your thought into a more positive one. Satisfy yourself that you are not running away from your emotions, but gently placing them in a more positive location.

Stressful minds can convert into unhealthy bodies; if you have a stressful condition in life, then take time to unwind and catch up with your health. 

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